2 Year Narrative Pastoral Course

This course has been developed due to the increase in need for Pastoral care in our society and will provide students with exposure to the practice of Narrative Pastoral care.  Co-create hope and facilitate healing in a variety of Pastoral situations – relevant to the South African societal context.



• An integrated understanding of pastoral narrative therapy;
• The capacity to integrate pastoral theology and narrative therapeutic skills in a meaningful and creative way in practice;
• To develop possibilities for students to operate in a pastoral therapeutic way within different specialisation fields (trauma, addiction, marriage, etc.);
• To make a pastoral therapeutic contribution to the healing of communities.

Outcomes for Pastoral therapists:
• To recognise the toxic elements of western culture;
• To discover the role that people’s faith narratives play in their emotional
- , relational- and spiritual well-being.
• To restore your own family.

This 2 year Narrative Pastoral Counselling Course is unique:
• During and after the course the student becomes part of a community that is based on respect, support and fellowship;
The Institute for Creative Conversation offers a strong support structure for the student to thrive in.
• Due to an established academic
culture the student will receive excellent training.
• The ‘i4cc’ offers the student the opportunity to have pastoral narrative therapeutic conversations with people. If the student chooses to continue his/her studies for
a third year, the student may enrol in the Continuous Learning- and/or the Supervision Programme. Senior pastoral therapists are there to guide the student throughout this programme.
• The ‘i4cc’ integrates the Narrative paradigm with Pastoral theology and human sciences. Feel free to chat
to us about this!
• Some students will go and work at other organisations after completion of their studies. This course will equip you to make a bigger success of your current job. Anton van Zijl, who works with conflict resolution in the corporate environment wrote on 9 October 2014: “This course is the best thing that happened to me”(translated). Gideon Knoetze, a businessman and entrepreneur who owns multiple Volkswagen agencies in the Southern Cape, said of this course: “It is better than the leadership course I attended in Canada”(translated).


Course Leader:

• Nicole Dickson 


Course Content:

Modules presented during the two years:
• The Narrative
• Pastoral Theology
• A Pastoral Narrative approach to:
§ Marriage and relationship counselling
§ Child therapy
§ Sexual molestation
§ Bereavement and trauma counselling
§ Substance and alcohol dependency
§ Depression
§ Group work


Additional information about the course:

• This course is a two year advanced certificate course, accredited with the University of Pretoria.
Students have to attend lectures for 36 weeks per year, one 3 hour discussion class per week (the requirement is an 80% attendance for the year).
• Students receive between 30 and 40 pages reading material weekly to be read in advance. This takes three to five hours preparation time per week. Students are expected to come well prepared
to the discussion class to be able to partake meaningfully.
• Students must hand in six essays over the two year study period.

Who may enrol?
• The academic requirement to enter this course is a matric certificate with three years further education, or the equivalent in work experience (Recognition of Prior Learning). If you feel uncertain, please come and talk to us.


We would love to hear from you so why not get in touch!

E-mail info@i4cc.co.za

Call: 063 090 5093

Visit: 61a Road 5  Brentwood Park, Benoni‚Äč

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