Advanced Narrative Training

Support conversation with theory, articles, practice and the witnessing of conversation to advance pastoral narrative ideas and practices with this participatory, experiential learning course.


Course Content

The following aspects of pastoral narrative practices are introduced:

  • Exploring some of the body of theory that supports pastoral and narrative practice

  • Weekly reading and discussion of published articles

  • Outsider witness practices

  • Working with Metaphors

  • Co-constructing more questions

  • Exploring and thickening the alternative stories

  • Rituals & Ceremonies

  • Exploring the pastoral- narrative relationship.



Participants engage in the learning process right from the start. The course is both experiential and conversational in nature but scaffolds this learning process with theory and articles.

Methods of Learning
Learning happens through group work, small group work, triads, pairs and individual reflection.

Who Should Enrol?
Anyone who has an understanding of narrative ideas and practices
Anyone who has completed a basic or introductory course in narrative ideas and practices.


Length of Course

6 weeks

24 hours.


This course is a follow-on of the 11 week Introduction to Narrative Pastoral Practices  course.
You could also consider the 
2 year Narrative Pastoral Counselling Course.

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