Introduction to Narrative

This course introduces individuals to Pastoral Narrative ideas and practices by making use of various mediums to creatively enhance the learnings of this participatory, experiential learning course.


Course Content

The following aspects of Narrative Pastoral practices are introduced:
– Values that support Narrative ideas & practices & values that supported Jesus in his ministry
– The importance of listening
– Introducing Narrative ideas
– Exploring socially constructed discourses, both historically in the times of Jesus and today.

Introducing Narrative practices of:
– Deconstruction
– Externalisation
– Questions
– The idea of narrative maps
– Narrative landscapes of identity, action & meaning
– Turning the ideas into real conversation through story-sharing and practice
– Being in relationship with God, narrative ideas, myself & the world
– Soul care and the importance of community.



Participants engage in the learning process right from the start. The course is creative and practical and participants will gain first-hand experience of each idea through their own life stories, the stories of co-participants, scripture and theory.


Methods of Learning

Learning happens through group work, small group work, triads, pairs and individual reflection.

Who should Enrol?

Anyone who is curious about stories, about people
Anyone interested in discovering more about themselves
Anyone interested in Narrative ideas and practices
Anyone interested in exploring a Jesus-like way of serving in ministry


Dates, Times and Length of Course

10 weeks (a total of 40 hours),

Mornings: 08h30-13h00
Evenings: 16h30-21h00



Upon completion of this course, you will receive the option to attend the

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