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Our Story

The i4cc was born out of a need for pastoral narrative training and support in local church communities on 21 March 2015, Human Rights Day in South Africa.


We are a collective of professional and passionate colleagues who work towards creating connection and collaboration in the South African context - rich in diverse cultures, communities, religions and traditions.  We believe in the rights of each person we encounter, whether through training, workshops or counselling conversations to dignity, acceptance, hospitality, respect and to be listened to. 


In March of 2018 we became a Non-profit Organisation registered with the Department of Social Development.


Central to who we are and the way we work is an exploration of ways to weave narrative practices and pastoral theology into a meaningful ‘Narrative of Care’. This invites us, in the words of Trevor Hudson, co-founder of the Institute for Creative Conversation, a “personal encounter with the pain of our shattered and fragmented community” (1999)

our story
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