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A letter from my Woman’s Heart to my Mother’s Heart

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Dear Heart of my heart,

I want you to know that I am tenderly aware of you today. You and I… we have known that ‘this’ day was coming closer and yet I am not sure that any amount of ‘knowing’ really prepares us for the moment when it is suddenly here.

I remember what it was like when Courtney left home for the first time – for Varsity in another town; in another province.

I also remember the moment when Nicole first discovered that you and I are separate expressions that live tangled within her Heart.

Today, I acknowledge you, ‘Mother’s Heart’. You yearn to protect and keep your child safe from things of the world – “will she manage on her own? Will she feel love and acceptance? Will she be safe?” Will…, will…, will… You, ‘Mother’s Heart’, feel deeply each of these ‘wonderings’ and more… and I know you long to enfold, to protect, to keep close and to hold on for just a little longer.

Today, as you again feel your child’s leaving, remember that I am holding your heart in mine. You know me…I am ‘Woman’s Heart’.

I am your comforter and the voice of all the women who have gone before us. I am the tangible joy that celebrates that this child is born into a time when women have a greater voice; that she gets to choose direction and paths of learnings and to live in the hope of dreams being realised. I am the reminder that knowledge offers her power and I am the tears that weep because so many of our sisters continue to live stories of marginalisation & suppression in their

communities. I am the heart that celebrates womanhood in all her expressions. Let me hold you as you once again release her to the world knowing that together we are ‘Woman’ with a capacity to feel and hold space for the hearts and stories of others. Together we are love.

Today, I hold your heart in mine xx

-Nicole Dickson


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