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In the thick of winter

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Dear Community,

June. Can we say that word again…June! Can you believe that we are half way through this year? Slap bang in the thick of winter!

When we think of June here at the i4cc, we think of the highlight of our career. Two years ago we hosted a Master Class conference with the Co-founder of Narrative Therapy, David Epston. We had over 250 guests from all over South Africa and Zimbabwe join us. Were you there? Do you remember your experience?

In June, we celebrate the winter solstice, Youth week, as well as Father’s day.

What are you celebrating this June?

So as we enjoy the last few weeks of lengthy conversations with friends and loved ones in front of the fireplace, here are some conversation starters for you:

  • How are those New Year resolutions/ goals/hopes for 2018 coming along? It’s never too late…

  • What do you love about winter? (Besides not having mozzies buzzing around!)

For those of you who love crafting, do you find that winter is the perfect season to sit back and do what you love? This is precisely how we feel here at the i4cc! Which made us wonder and ask:

  • How many of you have started journaling or creating your baby’s diary but have never finished?

  • How many of you have just needed three hours to just start that scrapbook that you have been pinning on Pinterest for the past couple of years?

  • Have you ever wanted to Blog or start writing?

In July, we are going to be creating a fun space for all of this to happen – Friday afternoon Inspiration. If you long for a little bit of community, mocktails, wine, conversation and creativity, and this idea sparks something within you, let us know J

In the meantime here is a closer look at what we have planned for this month (advert attached) :

The launch of Magnify - 2nd June

Collective learning group - 9th June (Bookings essential)

Creative Youth week 25th - 29th June (A “holiday club” for your children in the school holidays)

Reading group - 22nd June

Our Module 2 of Narrative Therapy Practices and Ideas comes to an end

And lastly, spoil yourself or your loved one with a retreat to the beautiful Origins in the Cradle of Humankind with “Encounter the hearts of God, women’s retreat” from the 22nd – 24th June - Spaces are limited.

Please remember that we offer counselling conversations to anyone who needs a safe place to share their story, trauma or emotions. We are a WhatsApp away.

Keep warm!

Trevor, Nicky, Kim and Jane


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