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The Passionate dance of Spring & Winter

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Greetings dear Community,

Have you ever noticed how the seasons seem to be entangled in a passionate dance at this time of the year?

Spring has started a gracious, flowing waltz with the world that brings forth glimpses of fruit trees in blossom, spring flowers gently unfolding, the heady scent of Jasmine in the garden and birds chattering. Even the sun has started rising a little earlier to watch the dance.

Then, without too much warning, Winter changes the tempo of the music and sweeps nature off her feet in a dramatic tango, leaving cold days and August winds that howl with a hint of melancholy in it’s wake. Winter isn’t ready to leave and so the dance continues until the day that only Spring is left.

Some things to do in September :

  • Walk barefoot on the new, green grass

  • Treat yourself or someone you love to a pedi and paint your nails a pretty spring colour

  • Visit your local nursery and purchase something new to plant

  • Take note of the different birds who visit your garden. Perhaps find out what they are and set up a birdfeeder accordingly

  • Decorate your home with some fresh spring flowers

  • Spent some time at the end of each day enjoying the outdoors

On the 18th and 25th October, we are hosting a two day workshop facilitated by Trevor Hudson on The Ministry of Encouragement. This is for anyone and everyone who wants to participate in the way of encouragement. Please find attached advert. For more information and/or to register please contact us. You can also follow this link :

We also have a discount package if you bring colleagues.

What’s happening in September:

1st Spring Day Bible Journalling with Leigh Anne Evans

3rd Six Week Advanced Narrative Training starts

5th 4 week Listening Course

8th Magnify – Women in Leadership

8th Collective Learning & Supervision Group for Narrative Practitioners

29th Monthly Narrative Reading Group

Wishing you a month full of dancing as we celebrate Spring!

Yours in narrative,

Trevor, Nicky, Kim and Jane


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