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The way of Encouraging

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Greetings dear community

It goes without saying that it is easy to get discouraged today. We get discouraged about so many things: about the future of our country, about how our work is going, about our relationships and sometimes, most painfully of all, we get discouraged about our lives. Trevor Hudson says, “Recently I was invited to speak at Compassionate Friends – an organization where those who have suffered the loss of a child come together to support each other- and in the invitation email I was given the extremely difficult task: “Please bring some words of encouragement.”

What does it mean to be discouraged? Marjorie Thompson, who has written so helpfully about this subject, says wisely: “To be discouraged means to lose heart. Metaphorically and spiritually, the heart is the core of human energy, emotional connection, and drive for life. When we lose heart, we may become bored and restless with life, fearful of the future and anxious in the present, cynical about people and institutions, passive or distant in our relationships, and low on energy for daily tasks. We may even descend onto the profound isolation of depression.”

Perhaps, right now, you may recognise yourself in these words.

On two Thursday mornings, the 18th and the 25th of October, we will be hosting a workshop exploring the ministry of encouragement. It will be held at Emseni in Benoni. This narrative workshop is built around the words of Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:14 where he encourages the early Christ-followers to “encourage the faint-hearted.” Together we will explore a gospel-shaped imagination around the way of encouragement in a time of discouragement. We will explore what it means to help each other rediscover courage in four crucial relationships of our lives: with ourselves, with our work, with those close to us and with God.

Also in October, we are co-facilitating a “Mind the Gap” workshop with local author, speaker & marketing specialist Natasha Hardy around the different generations in the workplace. Please read more here :

We are also grateful to be able to respond to the many stories of clerical sexual abuse being told around the world with the formation of a circle of care in the Gauteng area for women and men who need a safe space to tell their stories. The first gathering takes place on 20 October from 2 – 4pm at Emseni. Please share this information with anyone you think might benefit.

Also coming up in October:

13th Magnify (Women in leadership)

Collective Learning & Supervision Group

17th Mind the Gap workshop (Millennials in the workplace)

18th The Gift of Encouragement with Trevor Hudson (week 1)

20th Crossroads Retreats

Circle of Care for clerical sexual abuse

25th The Gift of Encouragement with Trevor Hudson (week 2)

26th Narrative Reading Group

A glimpse into November:

10th Magnify (Women in Leadership)

Collective Learning & Supervision Group

23rd Narrative Reading group

24th Spirituality Day

October sees us hard at work planning our calendar for the new year. Is there anything you would like us to offer in 2019? Give us a shout.

Yours in community,

Trevor, Nicky, Kim and Jane


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