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"Stories, not facts, change people's minds or perspectives" - Ruda Landman

Greetings dear Community

Ruda Landman, journalist and long-time co-host of popular television programme, ‘Carte Blanche’ believes that “Stories, not facts, change people’s minds or perspectives”.

Meeting her in person is a wonderful mix of humour, spontaneous storytelling and a genuine interest in the world around her.

We are very excited to invite you to join us in conversation with Ruda on 7 September at Glendower Golf Club!

We will be exploring her new book, “Tell me your story”, stories behind the scenes and her thoughts on the art of listening!

Proceeds from the event will be shared between NPO’s – our own ‘i4cc’ and Ruda’s ‘Reader’s Unite’.

Tickets are limited to 100 tickets.

Happenings in July – bookings close soon!



Looking ahead to August

1st Day of Retreat with Trevor Hudson

23rd Monthly Narrative Reading Group

Keep warm and may we connect with each of you in some way soon!

The i4cc Team

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