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“Part of doing something is listening” ― Madeleine L'Engle

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Greetings dear Community

This past weekend I (Nicky) attended some of the sessions of an online ‘Linking Lives Storython’, facilitated by Stephen Gaddis of Narrative Therapy Initiative. It ran for 24 hours and was hosted, hourly, by narrative practitioners from all over the world. The storytelling started in the East (New Zealand) and gradually moved westwards to the United States. What I was reminded of is the magnitude of the effects of this virus on the entire world and the inspirational ways people are offering care and support at this time. Kaethe Weingarten, Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, speaks of counsellors and therapists as being ‘compassionate witnesses’ - men and women who have made a commitment to listen with open minds and hearts to the stories of those [around them] (2000). I have a real sense that that is what we all are at this time.

Kaethe Weingarten also speaks of hope as something we do with others, “Hope is too important—its effects on body and soul too significant—to be left to individuals alone. Hope must be the responsibility of the community” (2000).

One of the ways we are holding onto hope in community is to be available for online listening & support circles. We are curious about some of the challenges and struggles people are experiencing at this time and what skills they are discovering they have. Please share if you know of someone who might like to join!

On Wednesday 27 we are hosting a Zoom space for the Matric class of 2020:

On Thursday, we’re inviting Teachers for a coffee date:

On Friday we are sharing space for parents:

Looking ahead to the following week we have listening circles planned for counsellors, therapists and listeners AND a gathering space for Ministers, Priests and Pastors with Trevor Hudson.

Please contact or WhatsApp Nicky on 0834070763 for Zoom details for any of the above.

If you are a narrative practitioner or familiar with narrative ideas and practices, remember that our monthly reading group is currently happening online each Wednesday morning. If you’d like to be a part of this group please be in touch with Nicky on

We hosted our first ONLINE week of guided prayer last week and we are grateful to a wonderful team of prayer guides and eager retreatants who made this possible.

Some feedback comments from a few retreatants:

“I recognised God at work in the darkness of the cocoon”

“The week of Guided Prayer was not what I expected. Instead of prescribed words and traditional prayers, I have connected with God through the language (and silence) of my own heart”

“Sitting with Jesus by my side and learning to “listen for my name” has reawakened my passion for spending time in his presence”

Please keep in touch with us! We would love to hear from you!

Wishing you peace and gentleness at this time

The i4cc Team


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