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Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey...

July greetings dear Community

It’s Day 92 of lockdown in South Africa and, as we slowly start venturing out into more areas of community life, we’re curious what this transition might be like for you? What are you holding onto right now? How might we take your hand?

One of our responses to this time has been to host online listening circles for people to share their experiences of struggle and of opportunity. We are so grateful to have been in conversation with people from all over South Africa, England, Canada and Mexico during this time. We have been reminded that the intrusion and effects of the pandemic are worldwide and that sharing our stories brings the world a little closer.


It has been an emotive month around the world for more reasons than Covid-19. We have felt anger and dismay at the increase and brutality of gender-based violence and femicide. Whilst we recognise we have a long way to go to see this narrative change, we are holding a space for stories and outrage to be shared and heard. Ladies, join us on the 1 July and again on the 29th.

Our second Circle for ministers, priest, pastors takes place with Trevor Hudson on Thursday 2 July:

If you are in a listening profession, join us on 8 July

In order to tackle the pervasive societal problem of GBV and femicide in our country we believe we also need to create space for men, for the influencers of teens & young men and for young men themselves to have a forum to start the conversations! Join team member Nsamu Moonga for the following conversations:

For men of all ages:

For those in positions of influence:

For teens and young men:


We have been meeting weekly on Zoom to explore articles relevant to a world living with Covid-19. This past week we discussed Nancy Gray’s thoughts on responding to men’s violence. We will continue with this theme in the coming weeks. Please contact Nicky on nicky@i4cc.co.za if you have an understanding of narrative therapy and would like to be included in this group


We have wrestled with taking our training online as a result of lockdown. We have a real sense that the gift of our training lies in creating personal, experiential and participatory experiences for learning to happen and we remain unconvinced that the same would be possible online right now. We will keep you informed as dates become available


We are pleased to welcome the Assemblies of God congregation in Edgemead, Western Cape to the Sacred Conversations Family as they start their first journey online this month. We are also looking forward to facilitating the inaugural Sacred Conversations journey at Mosaiek Church in a couple of weeks time. If you would like more information about Sacred Conversations please visit www.i4cc.co.za or mail info@i4cc.co.za


We are very excited to be hosting an online conversation with four truly inspiring women on Saturday 8th August, ahead of South Africa’s Women’s Day on the 9th. Ladies, save the date and watch our social media feeds for more information!

As always, we look forward to encounters with you in some way this month!

Yours in community


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