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The Importance of Dancing Like an Idiot

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

I read an article this week with the unlikely title – The Importance of dancing like an idiot! Coincidental, as we will be hosting an hour of fun, dance & movement with the very popular Secret Sunrise facilitators on the 29th February. Folk have been phoning to ask what its all about and seem rather reticent when the word ‘D A N C I N G’ is mentioned.

One of the strangest but also most intriguing and redemptive things that humans get up to, in almost any culture one cares to study, is occasionally to gather in large groups, bathe in the rhythmic sounds of drums and flutes, organs and guitars, chants and cries, and move their arms and legs about in complicated and frenzied ways, losing themselves in the bewilderment of a dance. Dancing has a claim to be considered among the most essential and salutary activities we ever partake in…

"But dancing is at the same time an activity that many of us, arguably those of us who might most need to do it, are powerfully inclined to resist and deep down to fear. We stand on the side of the dance floor appalled at the possibility of being called to join in, we attempt to make our excuses the moment the music begins, we take pains that no one will ever, ever see our hips unite with a beat.

We need, urgently, to recover a sense of the universal benefit and impact of dancing. But the greatest enemy of this is fear, and in particular, the fear – as we may put it – that we will look ‘like an idiot’ in front of people whose opinion might matter. The way through this is not to be told that we will in fact appear really rather fine and, with a bit of effort, very far from idiotic. Quite the opposite; we should accept with good grace that the whole point of redemptive, consoling, cathartic communal dancing is a chance to look like total, thoroughgoing idiots, the bigger the better, in the company of hundreds of other equally and generously publicly idiotic fellow humans".

Do join us! Bring the kids! Bring your groups & friendship circles!

Secret Sunrise is a global silent guided dance community. They’re on a mission to celebrate life through music, movement and connection. The unique concept was born under African skies and has spread throughout South Africa and over 16 cities across the world. Read more about them on

Contact Nicky for more information on or get your tickets via our ‘REGISTER’ page on or through


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