Creative Workshops

Narrative creative exercises encourage participants to be truly present, enabling respite from every day cares and rest from the busyness of modern life. 

Journaling Journey
A 10 month spiritual journey where one can tap into creativity with music, words, collage, painting and more.
Art as a Journey
Regardless of artistic ability, this journey invites contemplation through art and the appreciation of beauty.
Storytelling through poetry
Explore creative ways of telling your story through poetry.
Awareness through photography

An invitation to a slow & deliberate seeing. The graced eye can glimpse beauty everywhere, seeing the divine at work in the hidden depths of things. It is so easy to let our senses be dulled and to settle for the ordinary. The technology, speed and busyness so prized by our Western culture fosters a habit of blindness. For all the bustle, a dreary sameness comes to mark the places where we live. We forget that there is a vast depth beneath the apparent surfaces of things. when our eyes are graced with wonder, the world reveals its wonder to us.

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Visit: 61a Road 5  Brentwood Park, Benoni‚Äč

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