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The i4cc was formed in 2013 to offer Narrative training, workshops and learning within the professional, educational, pastoral and community setting. 

We believe that Narrative Therapy practices are a helpful way to bring about positive, meaningful change in all contexts.


David Epston
Co-founder of Narrative Therapy

 What you have here at i4cc is so unique in the world of Narrative.

Jeff Zimmerman Neuro-Narrative Therapist

Jeff Zimmerman
Neuro-Narrative Therapist

My time with your group will always be a treasured memory for me.  Thanks again for taking such good care of me… what you’ve accomplished in making this group vibe what it is, is nothing short of spectacular.

Tom Calson Spirit of Narrative

Tom Calson
Spirit of Narrative

I think something magical happened during our time together…. Not a magic I created but the magic of creating a space where people’s heartfelt spiritual and narrative beliefs could find a home and be expressed freely… I could never have imagined just how meaningful if would be for me, to freely share the ways in which I express and live out my spiritual beliefs through narrative practice.  This experience has restored something to me that I had been longing to return.  And I feel a greater sense of home there now because of you and your team.

What i4cc has meant
to  others...


Trevor Hudson

The metaphor that comes to my mind as I think of i4cc is – learning to walk – especially the moments of elation in discovering our capacities to actually walk.

Andre Botha Founder of Coram Deo Centre

Andre Botha
Founder of Coram Deo Centre

One of the few institutions in the world that grasps the dialogue between pastoral therapy and the principles of narrative therapy.  I love the respect [shown] here and the beautiful, healing kind of theology in the Institute for Creative Conversation.

Jane Day Founder of Magnify

Jane Day

Founder of Magnify

Please continue to be a gift to the world and keep crossing the boundaries of the church and the market place.

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