Narrative counselling offers you a space in which to explore the dominant stories shaping your thinking, decision making and feelings.  Finding the meaning of

these stories and making sense of the impact these stories may be having on

your life, people working with our Narrative Counsellors re-author these stories

to enable you to have the kinds of relationships and live the kinds of lives

you want for yourself.


The challenges faced by modern families is a source of ongoing curiosity

for the team at the Institute for Creative Conversation. 

We engage and assist families in the following spaces 


Child and Teen Therapy

Divorce and Seperation

Loss and Grief

Family Matters


Magnify - The Women in Leadership programme presents a structured leadership programme for women where Magnify aims to equip, empower and encourage women to live a life of faith by continuing to serve God regardless of where they might find themselves within God’s mission. ​The Women in Leadership programme will take place over 6 Saturdays within a 12 month period

Regardless of artistic ability, our workshops invites contemplation through

creativity and the appreciation of beauty. For our upcoming events, please click on the button below for more information. 

Some of the events that we have hosted have been :

Bible Journalling

Playing with Pewter

Vision Board Workshops

Events & Workshops

The education space has never been as complex as it is in this modern age. Online information, a new generation of students and the effects of social media make education an ever-changing and profoundly dynamic environment. The i4cc has developed 2 powerful resources, one for educators and the other to enable students to adapt into professional expectations

Educators & Learners

Working with people can be one of the most rewarding and challenging journeys. The i4cc works with you and your team to help foster an environment of productive effectively by empowering team members with the tools they need to understand, communicate and motivate collaborative effort. 


Narrative Coaching offers the re-authoring of stories that stand in the way of meaningful relationships, living lives and achieving the kinds of goals they want. 


We would love to hear from you so why not get in touch!

E-mail info@i4cc.co.za

Call: 063 090 5093

Visit: 61a Road 5  Brentwood Park, Benoni​

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