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Narrative Pastoral Training

We offer new and ongoing development & support in the areas of narrative & pastoral practices.  Through creative and practical ways participants will gain first-hand experience of each idea through their own life stories, the stories of co-participants, scripture and theory.  Learning happens through group work, small group work, triads, pairs and individual reflection.

We offer the following areas of training:

  • Intro to Narrative Pastoral Practices (11 weeks/44 hours)

  • Advanced Narrative Pastoral Practices (6 weeks/24 hours)

  • 2 year narrative pastoral counselling course

  • Narrative reading groups


We enjoy meeting and learning from the world around us.  This takes many forms – meeting people from the community and hearing their stories, collaborating on workshops with faith communities and institutions of learning, forging connections with the wider narrative & pastoral community from around the world and creating experiences for fun & togetherness to embrace us.

Crossroads Retreats

Reading Group

events and Workshops

Educators and Learners

Family Matters




Sacred Spaces

To create different spaces for people to connect with God through creativity, silence, dialogue, rest, writing & prayer. We create these space through many ways that are unique and will deepen your relationship with God. 

We offer the following areas:

  • Days of Reflection

  • Retreats

  • Hearts on Fire

  • Week of Guided Prayer

  • Spiritual Companionship

Sacred Conversations

A three-part journey that invites anyone & everyone to consider the ways in which Jesus communicated with those around him, explore sacred conversations with each other, encounter creative ways of praying & spending time with God and discern God’s will in our daily lives.

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