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Pastoral Narrative Training i4cc Benoni South Africa

We offer new and ongoing development & support in the
areas of narrative & pastoral practices.  Through 
creative and practical ways participants will gain first-hand experience of each idea through their own life stories, the stories of co-participants, scripture and theory.  Learning happens through group work, small group work, triads, pairs and individual reflection.

We offer the following areas of training:

  • Intro to Narrative Pastoral Practices (11 weeks/44 hours)

  • Advanced Narrative Pastoral Practices (6 weeks/24 hours)

  • 2 year narrative pastoral counselling course

  • Narrative reading groups

Narrative Pastoral Training

Community i4cc Narrative Therapy Benoni, South Africa

We enjoy meeting and learning from the world around us.  This takes many forms – meeting people from the community and hearing their stories, collaborating on workshops with faith communities and institutions of learning, forging connections with the wider narrative & pastoral community from around the world and creating experiences for fun & togetherness to embrace us.



Perhaps you find yourself at a crossroad in your life, uncertain of which way to go?  This retreat has helped many discover the next step in their journey.  The Crossroads 2-day retreat includes sharing and group reflection, as well as quiet and personal space. It's a chance to step out of everyday life to reflect, with others, on your goals and dreams, your values and your relationships.

Crossroads Retreat i4cc Benoni, South Africa
Crossroads Retreats
Reading Group

Our Narrative Reading Group is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the art of Narrative storytelling through reading of published articles and engaging in discussions about the themes found within the reading material.  The reading group consists of a collective of narrative learners and practitioners who meet once a month on the 4th Friday of every month.

Reading Group Narrative Therapy i4cc Benoni, South Africa
Reading Group

Regardless of artistic ability, our workshops invites contemplation through creativity and the appreciation of beauty.

Some of the events that we have hosted have been:

  • Bible Journalling

  • Playing with Pewter

  • Vision Board Workshops

Notebook and Pen
Events & Workshops
Educators & Learners

The education space has never been as complex as it is in this modern age. Online information, a new generation of students and the effects of social media make education an ever-changing and profoundly dynamic environment. The i4cc has developed 2 powerful resources, one for educators and the other to enable students to adapt into professional expectations.

Educators and Learners Narrative Ideas i4cc Benoni, South Africa
Educators & Learners
Family Matters

The challenges faced by modern families is a source of ongoing curiosity for the i4cc team. 

We engage and assist families in the following spaces:

  • Child and Teen Therapy

  • Divorce and Separation

  • Loss and Grief

Family Matters Narrative Therapy i4cc Benoni, South Africa
Family Matters

Working with people can be one of the most rewarding and challenging journeys. The i4cc works with you and your team to help foster an environment of productive effectively by empowering team members with the tools they need to understand, communicate and motivate collaborative effort. 

Narrative ideas i4cc Benoni, South Africa

Narrative counselling offers you a space in which to explore the dominant stories shaping your thinking, decision making and feelings.  Finding the meaning of these stories and making sense of the impact these stories may be having on your life can help you re-author your story, enabling you to have the kinds of relationships and live the kind of life you want for yourself.

We are registered as counsellors through The Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors (CPSC).

Narrative Therapy i4cc Benoni, South Africa

To create different spaces for people to connect with God through creativity, silence, dialogue, rest, writing & prayer. We create these space through many ways that are unique and will deepen your relationship with God. 

We offer the following areas:

  • Days of Reflection

  • Retreats

  • Hearts on Fire

  • Week of Guided Prayer

  • Spiritual Companionship

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces I4cc Narrative Practices
Sacred Conversations Narrative Ideas Benoni South Africa

A three-part journey that invites anyone & everyone to
consider the ways in which Jesus communicated with those
around him, explore sacred conversations with each other,
encounter creative ways of praying & spending time with God
and discern God’s will in our daily lives.

Sacred Conversations

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