We offer new and ongoing development & support in the
areas of narrative & pastoral practices.  Through 
creative and practical ways participants will gain first-hand experience of each idea through their own life stories, the stories of co-participants, scripture and theory.  Learning happens through group work, small group work, triads, pairs and individual reflection.

We offer the following areas of training:

  • Intro to Narrative Pastoral Practices (11 weeks/44 hours)

  • Advanced Narrative Pastoral Practices (6 weeks/24 hours)

  • 2 year narrative pastoral counselling course

  • Narrative reading groups

Narrative Pastoral Training

We enjoy meeting and learning from the world around us.  This takes many forms – meeting people from the community and hearing their stories, collaborating on workshops with faith communities and institutions of learning, forging connections with the wider narrative & pastoral community from around the world and creating experiences for fun & togetherness to embrace us.


Reading Group
Educators & Learners
Family Matters

To create different spaces for people to connect with God through creativity, silence, dialogue, rest, writing & prayer. We create these space through many ways that are unique and will deepen your relationship with God. 

We offer the following areas:

  • Days of Reflection

  • Retreats

  • Hearts on Fire

  • Week of Guided Prayer

  • Spiritual Companionship

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces I4cc Narrative Practices

A three-part journey that invites anyone & everyone to
consider the ways in which Jesus communicated with those
around him, explore sacred conversations with each other,
encounter creative ways of praying & spending time with God
and discern God’s will in our daily lives.

Sacred Conversations

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