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The healing rhythms of solitude

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

6 terrific tips to help you heal and grow stronger in solitude

One of the biggest changes people are having to get used to during the COVID19 lock down is being alone and being physically separated from the extended community that we’ve built for ourselves.

But what if we could use this time of forced solitude not just to survive but to thrive?

What if you authored a time of healing into your COVID19 story in which you learnt new things about yourself and those around you?

At I4CC we’re encouraging our community to find a new rhythm that feeds the body, mind and soul.

So here are 6 ideas to help you come out of COVID19 isolation stronger, healthier and more ready than ever to take on the post-virus world.

Tip 1: If you are struggling with uncontrolled sadness, anxiety, or feelings of loneliness, reach out.

These circumstances are completely unprecedented. The I4CC team is standing by with online counselling and continued community support so if you feel that you need a qualified companion to help you author your COVID19 story we are a phone call away and would love to journey with you during this time.

Tip 2: Schedule your COVID19 news time.

It is, of course, important to stay abreast of the developments of the virus in your community BUT listening to and reading about the same pieces of information over and over will only drain your energy and make you feel more helpless.

Other than following authorities, social distancing and good hygiene there is nothing that you can do about COVID19 so continuously focussing on it is relatively unproductive.

We suggest that you schedule 15 minutes a day to COVID19 news and then turn off all the news feeds on it and get on with the things that feed your soul.

Tip 3: Make time in every day for spirituality

Now more than ever, when logical answers are hard to come by, making time to feed your soul with prayer, meditation and connecting with God needs to be a daily priority. We’d suggest scheduling time in every day to connect with God in some way.

We’ve put together a wonderful forum which you can access here in which our community is putting forward different ways of connecting with God.

Tip 4: Make time in every day to be creative

Research shows a direct correlation between creativity and feeling more positive (Everyday creative activity as a path to flourishing) so in times like these it’s important to feed positivity as much as you can.

There is such opportunity to explore creative things and the internet has thousands of tutorials available for you to explore. Whether it’s art, needle work or jewellery making, now is the time to try those things you always wished you had the time for.

We have a lovely board available on the forum section of our website which gives all sorts of wonderful creative ideas.

Tip 5: Make time in every day for movement

We’ve intentionally NOT used the “e” (exercise) word here because movement can take many forms. Throwing a ball for your dog, playing jump rope with your kids the same way you used to as a child or learning dancing are all types of movement that will help kick in those very important endorphins and help you feel great.

Again, there are so many fabulous free online tutorials that by the end of the COVID19 lock down you could have very easily learnt a whole new discipline of movement. Try yoga, salsa, tai chi, hip hop, Pilates or even learn new sports skills such as soccer, netball, cricket, you name it there is probably an online video tutorial to work with.

The I4CC community would love see what you’ve come up with so be sure to let us know here:

Tip 6: Record your journey

We are living through history and the one thing you can be 100% sure of is that this journey will pass. While it may feel incredibly difficult now, in a few months you will look back on this time and probably struggle to remember much of the detail.

There is so much that can be learnt over this time, about ourselves, about society, about our future. Record this time, either in images, or voice notes or in a journal so that the journey and the lessons learnt are not lost.

We’ve put up a great journaling forum on our website and would love to hear about how you are recording this time.

COVID19 is a rude disruption to the everyday routines that fill our days, but in the disruption and in the solitude, there is opportunity for new growth, for joy and for an amazing, history making journey to unfold.


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